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Thanks Page

Matt & Barbara Lucas


Thanks for all your help in public relations and the phone calls getting the logistics together for the inductions.



 Vernon & Brenda Taylor


Thanks for your help as regional directors  in Md, Va, Ky, W.Va and Mo, you and Brenda know how to get the job done.


Don Boner


We can never thank you enough for all your help.



Mark Cavaliero


Thanks for your help with the web/site Hall of Fame without your technical advice we would never have gotten on line.




Shelia Morris


We can never thank you enough for your endless hours on the job traveling all over the country taking pictures of inductions and your creative work in the technical dept getting pictures and certificates ready for presentation for the hall of fame and your tireless work behind the scenes keeping things in order and for doing ton's of office work up and above the call of Senior Vice President.


Dale Hawkins


Thanks for all your advice on the operations of the Hall of Fame.



Sanford Clark


Thank you for your advice on the music industry and for always returning my phone calls.



J.W. Whitten


Thanks for being so nice and thoughtful to our staff when Jerry Lee Lewis was inducted in Gulf Port, Miss at The Casino Grande.



(  Ira Padnos  )


Thanks for your hospitality during The Ponderosa Stomp at the Rock n bowl in New Orleans we could not have made the inductions without your help.



Tom " Cat " Reeder


 Thanks for taking on the job as nominations Chairman and your help in getting the hall of fame in the right direction.


Jimmy Case


Thanks for your help in keeping the operation running smooth and for all the phone calls getting things set up for inductions.



H.T. " Hank " Henry


Thank you for being a Great Chairman of The Board. Your work in keeping the hall of fame on the straight and narrow is why you are Chairman of Board.



Johnny Leen


Thanks for all the hard work helping H.T. with theHall of Fame operations in Oklahoma City.


Tammy Leen


Thanks for your help in getting information to the Hall of Fame web/site and for helping to the hall of fame operational in the Oklahoma City regional area.



Widmarc Clark


Director / President



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Last modified: 11/11/06